Please do not remove our ONT

This Optical Fibre Terminal (ONT) that you have scanned the QR code from,
forms part of LinkLayer’s fibre network and must not be removed.

It will enable you (and future tenants or owners) to connect to super-fast
Open Access fibre internet and is linked to this specific premise.

Please do not remove this equipment.

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Have questions? Check our FAQ's and answers below:

How to order LinkLayer Fibre?

Click on our coverage map and load your address.

If your address is fibre ready, you can then place your order.

Alternatively, go to our shopfront and select an ISP and package. You will then need to enter your address and if it is fibre ready you can place your order.

How do I change my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

First you will have to contact your current internet service provider (ISP) and notify them of your cancellation.

The ISP will need to process your order cancellation and have the fibre line released.

Please remember each service provider has their own contractual terms & conditions and cancellation policy.

Now you can apply with a new ISP of your choice and complete their application process.

Your new ISP will then place your order and have you connected.

How do I cancel my fibre line?

Contact your ISP. They will have their own contract cancellation terms & conditions.

My fibre is not working, what do I do?

  • Ensure that your ONT (The Optical Fibre Terminal) is plugged in and the power is on.
  • If you have a router as well as ONT, ensure the router is plugged in and the power is on.
  • Please reboot your ONT & Router (Turn the power off, wait one full minute and then turn the power back on).
  • Please check what lights are on, on the ONT:
    Blue / Green / White lights = good
    Red / Orange lights = there is a fault, log a support ticket with your ISP

How do I log a support ticket with my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

View our list of ISP’s and their contact info at the bottom of this page for your ISP’s info.

Need to get in contact with an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

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